Tornado Destroys Hundreds of Homes in Monroe, La.

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The city workers of Monroe, La. begin cleaning up, restoring power, replacing utility poles, as well as generators after a tornado hit the city Easter Sunday, April 12,2020. No deaths were reported yet, but many lost their homes and many are still without power. Many are lending a helping hand and donating meals to those who were affected by the tornado, such as Walmart, the Food Banks, Brookshire’s, and McAllister’s just to name a few.

Edited by: Brittany Gardenhi 

Photos by: Connie Morgan



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Connie Morgan is a native of a small town called Columbia, Louisiana. Growing up in a small town had it's challenges. Connie was very good in sports especially in basketball where she played a point guard. She loved the game and was very passionate about it. Connie started playing the game of basketball in elementary. The PE teachers saw how she handled the ball and before she knew anything she was put on the (5th) grade as a point guard and played all the way through high school. As she entered Junior High School Connie discovered that she had another passion and that was being in front of the camera, but she loved being behind the camera just as much.

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