Splatter Me This, Splatter Me That

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Melaine J. Boose is a native of Monroe, Louisiana. She’s the youngest of eight. Melaine attended Wossman High School from 1998-2002 She sang in the choir and was a member of the National Honor Society. Melaine was prom queen and homecoming queen her senior year. She attended Louisiana Tech University and was a student there from 2002-2008.


AMPS: What were your goals after high school?

Melaine: I wanted to be a pediatrician because I loved taking care of babies. Once I got to college I realized that wasn’t the route that I wanted to take. I ended up majoring in psychology and now I have a master’s degree in psychology.

AMPS: Who or what motivated you to start your own business and what is the name of your business?

Melaine: The name of my business is Splatter Me This, Splatter Me That by Mel JB. I’ve always liked hats of all shapes and sizes. I was watching Love and Hip- Hop one day and saw someone wearing a particular hat and I loved the colors that were on the hat. So I looked and searched for that hat, but could not find it anywhere. So one day I went out and bought a hat and decided to paint the hat with the colors that I liked so that they would match my outfit. People liked my hats and that’s how I started my business.

AMPS: How did you get celebrities to start buying your hats?

Melaine: I’ve always had connections with people in the industry. When I started posting them on social media they just started reaching out to me.

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