Sam Farmer The Barber.

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Sam Farmer, a native of Monroe, Louisiana, and reared in San Diego and Columbia, Louisiana, discovered his passion for cutting hair at a young age. Starting around twelve or thirteen years old, he began experimenting with his skills by cutting his little cousin’s hair, albeit with some amusing mishaps. After sporadically cutting hair for a while, he decided to take a break from it. However, sixteen years ago, Sam’s path as a barber was set in motion when he received a divine calling while listening to a message by T.D. Jakes. God spoke to him, reminding him that he had buried his talent, and thus Sam committed himself to becoming a professional barber. Now a licensed barber for six years, he reflects on the pivotal moment that led him to this career.


When asked about his future, Sam envisions himself owning his own barbershop and employing other barbers within the next five years. Despite the challenges, Sam’s faith in God is unwavering, and he believes that moving to a new small town was part of God’s plan for his life. Feeling that he had reached his peak in Clarks, Louisiana, Sam sought new opportunities for growth. He recognized that his experiences in California had shown him a world beyond what Clarks could offer, and he desired more. Guided by his faith, Sam chose to step out in faith rather than fear, exploring other options.


Although initially planning to move back to San Diego, circumstances led Sam and his wife to Houma, Louisiana, where his wife’s nursing profession could provide stability while he worked on building his clientele. Sam expresses gratitude for God’s faithfulness and provision throughout this journey. His trust in God has been rewarded, and he acknowledges that this chapter is only the beginning of what lies ahead.


When asked for advice to aspiring barbers, Sam emphasizes the importance of taking the profession seriously and obtaining a license. He encourages individuals to view cutting hair as a professional career rather than a mere side hustle. Sam believes that acquiring a license brings a heightened sense of commitment and passion to the craft. He cautions against the misconception that cutting hair is an easy way to make money and create a flexible schedule. Being a successful barber requires discipline and self-motivation, as there is no time clock to punch or supervisor to hold one accountable. Sam advises individuals to assess their skill set and determine if they possess the necessary qualities to thrive as a barber.


Reflecting on his life journey, Sam addresses his younger self with words of wisdom and encouragement. Having grown up without the constant presence of solid parental figures, he found himself seeking attention and making mistakes along the way. Despite the challenges he faced, Sam appreciates the lessons learned and the opportunity to share his story and experiences with the younger generation facing similar situations. He acknowledges the timing of this interview and expresses gratitude for the opportunity and the person who recognized something valuable in him.


In conclusion, Sam Farmer’s journey as a barber highlights the impact of faith, personal growth, and embracing one’s true calling. From his humble beginnings cutting hair as a young boy to becoming a licensed professional barber, Sam’s story inspires others to pursue their passions wholeheartedly. With his eyes set on establishing his own barbershop and empowering other barbers, Sam Farmer continues to embark on a path driven by faith and determination.


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