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Tayler Harris is a native of Texas. She started playing sports at the age of ten. She went to Lakeview Centennial High School in Garland, Texas from 2018 -2021 and graduated with a 3.8 GPA. Tayler has a love for sports, she played basketball, soccer, volleyball, and ran track but she ended up loving volleyball more than the other sports. Tayler is now in her senior year of college at (GSU) Grambling State University, and will be graduating in the summer of 2023   



AMPS: What was your childhood like?

Tayler: I grew up very privileged and I was a very happy child.

AMPS: What position did you play in sports?  

Tayler: In track I did 4×1, 4×2, 100 and 200 relay. I did the long and triple jump. In volley ball my position was Libero back left, in soccer my position was right and left back, and I played point guard and shooting guard in basketball.  

AMPS: Out of all of the sports that you’ve played what was your favorite sport and why?

Tayler: I started basketball at the age of ten and I loved the game, but as I got older and got into high school I learned the game of volleyball. I played basketball until my sophomore year in high school. My coach at the time was a very good coach and she told me from what she could see that I had a lot of potential, so when I heard that I just poured everything into playing volleyball.  

AMPS: What grade were you in when you started taking college courses in high school?

Tayler: Going into high school my freshman year there was this program called the Collision program and my mom really wanted me to do that because she knew that it would take two years off of college. Not only that it would save a lot of money. I had to take a lot of test and the main test was called the (TFI) Tiered Fidelity Inventory test and I had to pass the math and the reading portion of that test.  I failed the math part five times but I passed the reading part the first time. After the fifth time of failing the math part my mom told me if I didn’t pass it the next time that I didn’t have to take it again. It was really stressing me out to the point that I would go home and cry. I’m good at math to a certain extent because math is actually very hard. After giving it one more try I passed it and it was up hill from there. I was in (AP) Advanced Placement level classes. It was a lot of hard work, but I made it through.   

AMPS: How was that experience for you being a freshman in high and taking college classes at the same time?

Tayler: I had friends in the same program as I was so it wasn’t like I was alone and it was fun. I actually had to go to the college for class. I went to East Field College and it wasn’t a real big college, but it was a step up from high school.

AMPS: Looking back, how do you feel now knowing that you didn’t give up and you gave it one more try?

Tayler: It feels really good, because If I had given up I would have had to go back to doing regular classes in high school, and I didn’t want to do that and I didn’t want to let my parents down.

AMPS: What college did you choose to go to and why?

Taylor: I choose to go to Prairie View A&M because I wanted to be far away from home, and it was being talked about a lot and it looked fun. I knew anywhere I went that I was going to get a good education but when I got there it was a lot of people that I didn’t associate with anymore. There were negative vibes all around me and I just didn’t want to be there anymore. After the semester was over I transferred to (GSU) Grambling State University. I had more room to be myself and it was very welcoming and I just liked it more and I felt more comfortable around the people and the environment.

AMPS: What did you major in and why?

Taylor: My freshman/junior year I majored in Criminal Justice. I wanted to be a crime scene investigator I loved watching shows on TV like that, and I know that isn’t the real thing. It was just the idea of solving a crime, and then I was told that you had to become a police officer and I didn’t want to do that.     

AMPS: Did you play any sports at Grambling?

Tayler: Yes, I got the opportunity to play volleyball I played for coach Demetria Keys- Johnson who later stepped down to take another position at the University. They hired a new coach named Chelsey Lucas and there was a whole scandal on her because she wanted things to go her way. She bought her whole team over from (UAPB) University of Arkansas Pine Bluff and then she got fired. I didn’t feel like being in the middle of all of that drama I had other things that I needed to be focusing on. I do love the game, I just didn’t have time for all the drama and it’s my last year of college so I just let it go.   

AMPS: What are your plans once you graduate?

Taylor: Once I graduate, I plan on moving back to Dallas. I’m in the process of starting my own business I also want to get into real state. Whatever God sees that is fit for me that’s what I’m going to go with.

AMPS: Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

Taylor: I see myself working hard and being happy.

AMPS: What would you tell the young generation

Taylor: Keep pushing no matter how hard it seems, don’t lose focus, study hard, and get a job while you’re in high school if you can and start saving. Getting a job will teach you some kind of responsibility, and preparing you for life. There might be some hardship and trials and tribulations, but that’s just God testing you to see how strong you really are for anything that comes your way. Sometimes you think that you can’t do something but you will surprise yourself in the end.          



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