Retired Veteran Giving Back To His Community By Inspiring Youth.

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 Ronald Whittington, a retired veteran of the United States Marine Corps, hails from the small town of Columbia, Louisiana. With a desire to give back to his community, Ronald and a few of his friends brainstormed and established a non-profit organization called the “Gathering of Positive Black Men” (GPBM). In an interview, Ronald shares insights into the organization and its mission.


The interviewer begins by asking Ronald about the organization’s name and its duration of operation. Ronald proudly responds that the organization is called the A Gathering of Positive Men and has been actively operating for three years. When asked about his motivation behind starting the organization and the number of individuals involved, Ronald explains that he wanted to make a positive impact on his community. He founded the organization a few years ago, with his brother-in-law, his brother, and three other dedicated individuals.


The interviewer inquiries about the age requirement for participants, to which Ronald responds that there is no age limit. The organization aims to engage young men as early as possible, as they believe in providing direction and guidance in life. Their objective is to uncover the aspirations of these young individuals and assist them in achieving their goals.


The interviewer proceeds to inquire about the significance of the organization to Ronald and the accomplishments he hopes to achieve. Ronald, having grown up in Columbia and achieved personal success, feels a sense of duty to give back to his community. He believes that success lies in helping others succeed. If he can inspire even one young man to succeed, he considers his mission fulfilled.


When asked about the activities at the camp, Ronald explains that he and his fellow organizers brainstorm ideas to improve their efforts. The camp begins with simple activities like a bonfire where they engage in conversations and share meals. They aspire to establish the organization as a reliable point of contact for the young men, providing them with guidance and support whenever needed.


The interviewer inquires about the timing of the program, to which Ronald responds that they choose the month of April for the camp. April offers moderate weather conditions, neither too cold nor too hot. While the program primarily focuses on helping young African American men, it is open to individuals of all races. Ronald emphasizes that anyone with a positive attitude and a desire to contribute is welcomed with open arms. He draws inspiration from his involvement with the organization “One Hundred Black Men of America” and aims to motivate the young men in his small community of Columbia. Regardless of the career path chosen by these young individuals, the organization is committed to helping, as they believe knowledge is power. If their efforts positively impact even one young man, they consider their goal accomplished. 


Ronald humbly acknowledges that he is not alone in this endeavor. Ronald Wade, a retired veteran, along with his brother Donald Wade, a retired truck driver, actively supports the organization. Ronald expresses gratitude towards other individuals who dedicate their time to making the program possible, including Terry Charleston, Philip Ballard, Varese Johnson, Edwin Wright, Henry Preston, and Eric Wyatt.


To involve one’s son in the program or volunteer to help, individuals can contact Ronald Whittington at (706) 764-6641 or via email at


In conclusion, Ronald Whittington and his dedicated team have established the Gathering of Positive Black Men to uplift and support young men in their community. With a focus on providing guidance, mentorship, and assistance, the organization aims to empower these individuals to achieve their dreams and succeed in life.


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