LHM Model – Sarah Andrews

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Sarah Elizabeth Andrew is a model, Registered  Nurse, and actress. She was born in Monterey,  California but she moved to Florida when  she was three and a half years old. Sara  was raised mostly by her mother due to her  father’s passing when she was just five years  old. She completed her college education  in Collegedale, Tennessee. After graduating  college Sarah worked as a nurse and still  continues to do so now. She got the inspiration to pursue a medical career from her  brother. She watched him go into the medical  field and she noticed how much he loved it  and how much of a difference he made and  it really helped her hand pick the path she is  on today. The rapid increase of positive cases of  COVID-19 forced Sarah into the frontlines  to battle a virus that not many people knew  about or had effective treatment. Seeing this  first hand made Sarah realize just how lucky  she is and showed her just how important  it is to keep your loved ones close. Sarah  wants readers to know just how important it  is that you take every precaution you can.  Washing your hands frequently, wearing your  masks, and keeping six feet or more in distance from others to keep yourself and your  loved ones out of harm’s way. When asked about some of her favorites  Her favorite food is kale, favorite celebrity is Idris Elba, favorite female crush is Shan Boodram, and favorite music genre is R&B and  classic soul. She loves to go to the park and  enjoys the adrenaline rush she gets when on  roller coasters. She has the ambition to travel overseas preferably Spain and Europe,  but the two places she wants to visit most  is London, England or Paris, France. One  of the most interesting facts about Sarah is  that she is a poet. She started writing poems  when she was a young child and it has stuck  with her ever since. Poetry helps Sarah plore and release her feelings more easily than trying to speak about them.  Sarah has believed in and lived by these words of wisdom that were shared with her at a young age by her mom. Her mother told her to always, “Pray and proceed.” Her mother told her whenever she is struggling with something to hand it over to God by praying and then to proceed with life. There is no use in harboring on things that are out of your control so the best thing you can do is to release it and carry on with your life. Doing this will help you succeed in every step of life. Sarah gives all the credit of her life achievements and success to her beloved mom. Without her mother’s push and encouragement Sarah would not be where she is today. Sarah is very grateful and blessed to have had someone like her mother in her corner. 

Sarah wanted to leave young female readers with this,  “Your focus will be on one thing at a young age, but it  changes with time. Don’t worry and don’t cry for one  guy as a relationship changes. Change your mindset  and move forward to establish your life and career.” 


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