Model Gouda Romero

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Gouda Romero is a fashion model who shared her experiences, life history, and likes or dislikes. She was born in Nicaragua, which is close to Costa Rica in Central America. Gouda moved to the US when she was 9 years old.

Her family faced cultural differences when they first moved to US due to language barriers. Miami was the first place they moved to but it was mainly a Spanish speaking area. It was not until they moved to Orlando where she was able to grasp the English language. 

She started her modeling career at a young age when she was in high school. Gouda’s mom put her in a modeling school to boost her skills and interest. Her 36-25-34 measurements and body shape helped to build confidence in the modeling. The secret behind her body shape is good eating habits and a high metabolism. 

Billy Eilish is Gouda Romero celebrity crush. While at the same time, she was impressed by Ellen DeGeneres, who play a positive role in the community. Miss Romero has positive views about Black life Matter and the cause.  

She loves to have someone in her life as a partner who has the following qualities: funny, loving, caring, and hard-working.  She loves to listen to music like hip-hop, rap, and Hispanic music. 

She likes to eat seafood. Her favorite city where she wants to go is Los Angeles. She loves traveling, seeing nature, kayaking, and outdoor activities.  She is an Apple over Android type of person.

Here quote in life “Confidence is Key. You are your number one fan and supporter.”  “The sun will rise and try again.”


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