Councilwoman Kema Dawson- Robinson

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Kema Dawson-Robinson was born and raised in Monroe,  Louisiana. From 1993 through 1997 Kema attended Neville High School. During her time at Neville High School Kema participated in a few different  organizations. She was a member of Renaissance, the Band,  and the Clean Team. Upon graduation, Kema received a  scholarship in vocal music which she used to attend University of Monroe (ULM). While at ULM Kema participated in  Student Government Association. She felt called to help out  her peers and wanted to help make their voices heard. She  graduated from ULM with a degree of Bachelor of Business  Administration focused on computer information systems.  Kema is also currently studying to earn her Doctor of Biblical  Exposition. Kema was sworn in as councilwoman for District  5 of the city of Monroe in July of 2020. 

 Growing up Kema always noticed her parents helping others. Kema’s father was a politician, so helping others and being there for others runs in Kema’s blood. Kema believes it is  most important to help those in need, take care of the city,  and working to achieve the greater good. Kema believes it  is more important to reach those goals than to be interested  in politics. She saw a need in the community that she grew  up in. Not only that, but Kema choose to continue live in  the same community that she grew up in. She realized that  the city can be so much better and have so much more if it  is managed and run properly. Being the Executive Director  at the Ouachita Multi-Purpose Community Action Program  allows Kema to assist people in the Parish daily. She felt that  she could meet more needs and reach more people being a  council member. Kema plans to do whatever she can to better her community and meet the needs of those living in the  community. Kema is a Christian and a strong believer in Christ. She  believes that the word of God is true. The word tells us to  give and it shall be given unto you; so Kema’s main goal is to  give back to her community. Kema is currently working to  beautify and revitalize the Southside of Monroe. Her biggest  project is the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo. Kema  has been working along with the Zoo, the Zoological Society,  and Monroe’s Director of community affairs to make Mon roe’s Zoo a place where families can be entertained and enjoy  a nice outing. Residents should expect nothing but Kema’s  best now and in the future. She is committed to making our  city a beautiful place that residents are proud to call home.  

Find Kema on Facebook at: kema.dawson


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