849 Cruisers Trail Ride

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On Saturday, October 3, 2020 Jermain Thompson, a member of the 849 cruisers hosted a trail ride in Columbia, Louisiana. Jermain’s family has been hosting this event for about twenty-five years. They had a variety of different things to do at this trail ride including ATV’s, mud rides, and horse races. First place through third place trophies were awarded for Walker Horses, Saddlebred, and Standardbred. Jermain also gave out awards for the two-mile Endurance Breed, Best Dressed Club, Best Dress Couple, and Women’s Sprint Race. People love the events of the trail ride horse races because of the trophies and the bragging rights. People from the surrounding areas as far away as Dallas and Arkansas came out to join the event. People even in towns close by like Winnsboro, Coushatta, Monroe, Rayville, and Ville Platte came out as well to participate. The trail ride started when Jermain was a little boy and his parents alone with a few others started a group called “The Wild Bunch”. The group never grew so Jermain’s parents decided to start going to trail rides and after a while they decided to start hosting their own. His family was the first to host trail rides in Columbia. Sadly, this was the first year that Jermain did not have his parents beside him hosting this event. His mom passed away a few years ago and due to the uncertainty and dangerousness of COVID-19 his dad did not want to be out around a lot of people. So, it was up to Jermain to continue the family tradition alone this year. He was surprised to see the size of the crowd this year with everything going on with the pandemic. He and the other volunteers did not expect a large turnout at all this year. In the past the trail ride has been the last week of July, but because of the pandemic they were forced to push the date back to October. Jermain would like to thank everyone who came out to support and show love at this event. He also truly appreciates how everyone conducted themselves in such a great manner. Trophies were presented to the following guests:

Bayilon Blanson came in 1st place in Standardbred

Bryron Jefferson came in 3rd place in walking horse race

Cartez Walker came in 3rd place in two-mile Endurance race

Christina Nash won the Women’s Sprint Race

Eric “Rook” Davis won first place for Walking Horse.

Jaylon White won 3rd place in Saddlebred race

Roland Wilson won first place for Saddlebred sprint.

Roland Wilson and his wife Chandra Wilson won best dress couple

Racked up riders got a trophy for most members

TTG Riders got a trophy for best-dressed group.          


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