TRUMP Live in Monroe, La. in support of Eddie Rispone

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Watch Live : President Donald Trump’s rally is expected to begin at 7 p.m. ET.


The President of the US on Wednesday will be in northeastern Louisiana’s city of Monroe hoping to muster votes for Republican businessman Eddie Rispone and keep Democrat John Bel Edwards from a second term in a crimson state Trump won by 20 percentage points. 

Republicans want to reclaim the governorship in a Deep South state where they believe Edwards won in a 2015 fluke election against a flawed candidate beset by a prostitution scandal. Democrats believe securing a second Edwards victory could demonstrate competitiveness in states where the party rarely achieves a statewide office. A GOP loss could raise questions about the strength of Trump’s political coattails, but not necessarily his reelection chances, particularly since Louisiana is expected to easily back the president for reelection in 2020


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