The Meaning

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Darnell Whittington is a native of Louisiana. He was born in Delhi, Louisiana and lived in Rayville, Louisiana for seven years until his family moved to Monroe, Louisiana. Darnell was quite active during his time in high school. He was a member of the Fellowship of Christian Students and Athletes. He ran cross-country, did the long jump in track, and he played the position of strong safety in football as well. Darnell graduated from Ouachita high school in 1997.

Darnell has been writing for about ten years, and he has written seven books including his latest book titled The Meaning. Darnell was eighteen years old when he decided to write his first book. He began writing in high school after a classmate was tragically killed in a car accident. The only way he could express how he felt was to write it down on paper. One day he just started writing about how he felt, and the finished product was a beautiful poem about this person who lost their life at a young age. Darnell shared the poem with only one person, and that person told him how good it was. The person he shared it with decided to photo copy the poem and started passing the poem out around the whole school. It brought hope, and that was the first time that he knew the written power of the word.

Darnell felt the best way to tell his children about his life, his father’s life, and his grandfather’s life was to write it all down and put it into a book for them to read. There is one thing that Darnell believes about the written word; and that is how we live it. The word can go places that he has never been, the word will speak to people that Darnell cannot reach, and the word will live on. Writing a book can make an impact on someone that you may never know. All of the tough questions that we have about life can point us in one direction and to one answer. That answer is Jesus Christ. This book, The Meaning, was birthed from a conversation I had with a young man who had lost his way, and he was very skeptical about Christianity. This young man had gone through some tough times in his life and he was just really bitter. He posed a lot of questions that he knew a lot of people would struggle to answer. Darnell was able to answer some of them, but the young man kept asking more and more questions. There are people out there that really struggle with questions that they do not have the answers to. If I can look at some of these questions and try to address them maybe I can help someone. The whole purpose of this book is to help people understand knowledge and wisdom better. I want the readers to understand how to value life, how to live life, and to value life more than anything. I want them to understand where we go once this life is finished, and what we are supposed to learn while we are here on earth. One of the main points of the book is that life is very valuable. Sadly, we live in a society where some people think life is invaluable. Before taking someone else’s life some people will take their own life. Some people value cats, dogs, and other animals over a human’s life without understanding how valuable a human life is. Darnell wants people to look at the title and subtitle of the book, and he wants them to know that life has meaning that their own life has meaning. In addition, what he plans to communicate to readers is hope. If you know that your life has a purpose and your life has a meaning then you will have hope. No matter what struggle you are facing and no matter what things you have to overcome there is hope. There is hope because your life does have meaning. Darnell’s motivation is to give hope to others. The right words can bring hope to people, so when he writes, he writes in hope that he can fulfill his purpose and do God’s work. Darnell wants to bring hope and guidance to people who are lost, struggling, and just going through hard times. The best way to become successful is while other people are sleeping; you need to be up dreaming. If you want to be successful and reach your dreams you are going to have to do things that others are not willing not do. That is called sacrifice. Many people out there are not willing to sacrifice what it takes to do certain things. You have to seek God for directions and answers. You may deal with rejection and a lot of different things but do not let it stop you or sway you. The stress of life may get in the way, but you have to stay focused. Do not giving up because if you stick with it and push through you will eventually win. 

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