The Corey Borner Story

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Corey Borner is a native of Texas. He was born in Dallas, Texas and his family moved to DeSoto, Texas when  he was in the 5th grade. DeSoto is a suburb right outside of  Dallas, Texas; approximately 16 miles from Dallas. Corey has  always been active in sports, especially football. He played  the defensive position of cornerback. Corey graduated from DeSoto high school in 2011, and after that he attended Cedar  Valley College to further his education. He majored in so cial arts and graduated  in 2017. Corey is now  attending University of  North Texas (UNT) of Dallas and will graduate this fall. In his spare time outside of class, he is a motivational speaker and he is also a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated. 

 On May 6, 2009, Corey Borner was 16 years old going into his sophomore year at DeSoto High School, he was injured at football practice and suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed. It was just  another normal spring day when he left home to go to football  practice. He told his mom that he was leaving and would be  back later. Corey arrived at practice and everything was going  well. After a while he told his coach that he wanted to play,  so the coach put him in. A play was called and the receiver  caught the ball. Corey ran toward the receiver with his head  down, but his head was down a little too low. When he and  the receiver made contact Corey fell down and immediately  he realized that he could not move anything from the neck  down. Corey’s teammates were standing over him congratulating him on a good hit not realizing what had happened. He  said no matter how hard he tried to get up he just could not  move. Corey was rushed to a local hospital and had to have surgery. His surgery took about nine hours and when he woke  up he saw his picture on the news. Corey did not know what  was going on or why he was on TV. When the doctor came in to  talk to him, Corey was told that he suffered a C-5 and C-6 spinal  cord injury. He was not prepared or ready to accept that knowledge, and it took him a full year to accept the fact that he would  be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. After Corey’s surgery,  he had people like Deon Sanders and other professional athletes that stopped by to visit, motivating and encouraging him.  After quite a few therapy sessions Corey was ready to go back  to school, but his family wanted him to home school. Corey did  not want to home school and was determined to get back into  the classroom. After Corey’s graduation DeSoto High School decided to retire his football jersey (#24) in 2013. Corey believes  God has a plan for everyone. Even though Corey was only 16  years old when his life changing injury happened and he never  got the opportunity to do the things that he loved to do. Corey  still believed that God had a plan for him and he grew to learn  and accept his new life changes. When Corey’s injury happened,  he was wondering what his plan B was going to be. Ellis Hobs  and Tim Brown asked him how much was he worth? So, Corey  turned to God and asked, “What do you have planned for me  now? Since my football career is gone. Is motivational speaking  my new calling?” So in 2010, Corey started publicly speaking  and really began to get serious with it by 2012. That same year  he started taking classes to better prepare for his new path. He  wanted to let people know not to give up just because you are in  a wheelchair. He also wanted to tell people that there is still life  and hope in everything you do. In 2009, a lady named Pam Deborde who was the athletic  director at DeSoto High school ordered some wristbands for  Corey. She surprised Corey with black and white wristbands  that said little Corey, it had his jersey number on it, and the words “Find A Way” on it. After receiving that gift it pushed Corey to keep going. It also makes Corey feel good because his wristbands are encouraging people and the wristbands cause people to think of him and the positivity he brings when  they are worn. Corey has always been close to God, but aft er  his injury he has gotten even closer to Him. Corey wants to  leave readers with this message, “You are going to have negative vibes in your life, so take those negative vibes and use  them. When someone tells you that you cannot do something  use that as motivation not to prove them wrong, but to prove  to yourself that you can do it. Th e positive outweighs the  negative, so take that and use it to your advantage.” Corey will  forever love the game of football no matter the outcome he was  given while playing the game.  

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