Terisa Griffin Revival Of Soul

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Terisa Griffin was born on August 25, in Monroe, Louisiana. Being the second daughter of four musically  inclined girls, Terisa knew at the early age of five that  she had a passion and talent for music and singing.  She spent majority of her childhood living in Monroe and she attended and graduated from Northeastern Louisiana University while on a music scholarship. Her voice and her God-given talent earned her the nick name “Empress of Soul” and since graduation, Terisa has really taken off in the music industry. After graduation, Terisa decided to seek a change of scenery by moving to Chicago to learn from some of the greats and work on her musical career. While there Terisa crossed paths with a man named Jerry “Ice Man” Butler. One night Jerry heard Terisa performing his song and he hired her on the spot. Terisa felt really blessed to have been mentored by him and she would watch what he did  and how he did  things when performing. Ice Man was so down to earth that he made Terisa feel comfortable and she did her best to never disappoint him. Terisa wanted Ice Man to be proud of her and  it was a true honor to be mentored by him. Terisa also had the opportunity to be mentored by the late Bernie Mac. Those two people made a significant difference in Terisa’s life and she was so very grateful to them both. Terisa gained national exposure singing backup for Diana Ross on an “Oprah” telecast.

Terisa was ecstatic and it was truly an honor to be ask to do this. Diana was amazing and a joy to work with. When it comes to performing and working with people, Terisa want people to know, “I don’t want to give anybody anything that’s not my naked soul. You can stack all these things with other things, but nothing is going to make you move like an instrument until someone is showing their naked soul.”  Terisa created the program Better Love Yourself in order to give back to kids and help them get the items they need in order to be successful in college. Terisa wants to help children and their parents who are having a hard time buying items for college and making ends meet. This program is for kids who did not receive a scholarship or any other type of funding, so they applied to my program and were able to get help through there. Those kids can be proud of themselves and say I took the time to apply and I won this. It is a self-esteem builder, a need being filled, and hopefully a day of love put together for these kids. That is what this program is all about. If I could do anything, it would be to create a big event to help promote education and sending kids to college. It would be just one day of everybody celebrating our kids and their education. That is my dream. This year we gave away computers only because we could not give away trunks filled with items needed for college due to the outbreak of Covid-19.  Terisa wants to leave readers with this statement, “We are allowed to take space in this world and what you leave behind should be a gift. It should be that you gave from your soul for humanity or to make someone else’s life better. Without my fans, I would not have anything.  Thank you for a wonderful life! I hope I have given you as much love and beauty as you have given me. I will never stop trying to give you what you ask for!” 

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