Eric Davis Principal Carroll High School

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Principal · June 18, 2019 to present.

Dr. Eric Davis is a native of Monroe, Louisiana. He decided to go into the field of education because he felt that he had to. At first, he just wanted to coach a sport. At the time, he was unaware that if you wanted to become a coach that you had to be a teacher as well. After being in education for a couple of years, Dr. Davis knew that retiring from the classroom was not going to be an option for him. That is when he started pushing towards becoming an administrator. But before becoming an administrator he decided to become an Advanced Placement (AP) teacher and hope to eventually one day having his own school.

Every morning the first thing the school does is complete temperature checks for both students and teachers. They make sure everyone sanitizes their hands, and the staff sanitizes and wipes down every classroom after each class. In between classes, they make sure that the hallways and bathrooms are sanitized. Once a week we do a deep cleaning throughout the entire school to make sure that we keep, the building as clean and germ free as we can. The most important thing is that the parents and kids are doing everything at home as well to try to control and prevent an outbreak here at school. Currently, we have quite a few of our kids that are completing virtual class. One of the challenges with our virtual learners is keeping them motivated to log on for their classes. It is easier to get distracted and want to skip class when you are learning from the comfort of your home. The school keeps parental contact by reaching out to the parents weekly to make sure the students are staying on task. It is difficult for the students every day not being in the school environment, but school management makes sure that the students are up to date on what they need to do. Dr. Davis wants Carroll high school to become an A ranked school in education. The staff at Carroll wants to make sure that the students are prepared for whatever path they decide to take. Whether it be going to college or getting a job and going straight into the world. Principal Eric Davis is very pleased with where Carroll high school is right now academically. If the pandemic had not come, the alumni and everyone else would be very proud of the academic progress the school has made. The Monroe City school system has been very open to any suggestions the staff here at Carroll high school have made to make the campus better, especially now during the pandemic. One plan will be worked out and ready to go and then something happens, and adjustments must be made to that plan. The biggest thing that needs to be done is the staff needs to be willing to listen to each other and to be able to share and bounce ideas off each other. The more ideas and solutions that can be pitched the better the system will be.  

 Monroe city schools are so far ahead of the game right now, and they have made some major improvements. These schools are being leaders in this area in education weather a lot of people know that or not. Since Dr. Davis has served at both Wossman and Carroll high school he does not have a problem with the Monroe city school system, but I do have an accolade. Anything that we need or have they have provided without questions. Whether it is technology or cleaning supplies. Carroll high school is holding virtual college workshops with the seniors, and we have held quite a few with University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM). There is one teacher taking the lead on this program and that teacher sets up meetings and talks to them. We want to make sure that the students are taking care of their financial aid, and that they have their admissions and all their fees paid. We also want to ensure that the students have been provided with the information that they need to prepare themselves when they leave high school in May. About ninety percent of our students are going on to a 2-year or 4-year higher education. All kids have an aspiration of going into a 4-year. Sometimes a 4-year is not always the best thing for them coming out of high school, because they may not be mentally mature for that. That small ten percent usually have a job already lined up and they just go straight into it. College or even the military is not an option that they want to pursue upon graduation so they go straight into the workforce.    


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