Congratulations MR. And MRS. GREGORY HEARNS!

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Gregory and Tarsha Hearns

Greg was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan while Tarsha was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia. Greg and Tarsha met in 2005 at a networking event in Dallas, Texas. In 2009, they crossed paths again at Starbucks and the chemistry was instantaneous. After dating for some time, Greg popped the question and they both began planning their wedding. The wedding guest list started with about 200-300 people, but due to COVID-19 pandemic, Greg and Tarsha had to lower the number of invites to 75 guests. It was a difficult task especially with having to keep the floor plan of staying six feet apart. Greg and Tarsha had to think about the people who were high risk. They both had a lot of family and close friends that lived not only out of town, but also out of state. They did not want anyone traveling far and exposing themselves so that was how they started to narrow the list down. They initially started with three different lists; there was the initial list with the large number of guests, and that was cut down into their B list. Once the B list was created, Greg and Tarsha began calling and emailing people asking if they were comfortable traveling to Dallas. The ones that said that they were not comfortable with traveling were taken off the list and  they would move on to the next person. After taking people off the list, Greg and Tarsha moved on to their immediate friends and family. It was very stressful because they both were unsure if they could have their wedding on the date they had originally planned. Unfortunately, the wedding venue had to reduce numbers because now they could only do fifty percent total capacity. Greg and Tarsha were forced to reduce their numbers because of that. It was a lot of uncertainty because they did not know if the Government was going to enforce another national lockdown. Greg and Tarsha were very concerned about the guests contracting COVID-19 by coming to the wedding so they decided to host the ceremony outside in the garden. They had everyone spaced out six feet apart and were required to  masks. At the reception tables were six feet apart and hand sanitizer was made available for the guests. They took every precaution necessary to make sure that everyone was safe, and the venue worked with them and was very flexible.    

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hearns!        


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