“Better Love Yourself”

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One of the highlights of Black History Month will be a heritage celebration of local young African American girls. On Thursday, February 24, 2022, Robert Wright (a native of Monroe, Louisiana, educator and photographer) held the first “Better Love Yourself: A Celebration of Black Girls” event at the Monroe Civic Center in honor of young African American girls ages 10-18 who are destined to impact and make a positive change within their community. Mr. Wright’s vision of this program began the summer of 2020 with 11 girls and within two years expanded to 23.


This event demonstrated beyond the beauty of African American girls and displayed their level of brilliance inside the classroom and throughout their community. The young girls grade point average (GPA) ranged from a scale of 3.0 to 4.0 and the event included talents such as piano recitals. Besides door prizes, many were awarded with certificates and up to $100 in funds. By their senior year, each girl will have the opportunity to qualify for a scholarship of $1,200.


The Empowerment Speaker was Ms. Danielle Linkford who is the 4th Judicial District Court (Assistant District Attorney) and a former Southern University “Dancing Doll”. Entertainment was performed by Monroe’s very own Terisa Griffin who is a singer, songwriter/producer and actress who made an appearance on the television series, “The Voice”.  


If you missed this event, you will have the opportunity to view this annual event of “Better Love Yourself: A Celebration of Black Girls” that is designed within the school districts schedule.  Wright’s purpose is to salute, honor and celebrate young African American girls with self-confidence through scholarship, beauty, health/nutrition fitness, travel and fashion.


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